small shots


The Peasants

The Peasants is a 2023 adult animated historical drama film and an adaptation of Władysław Reymont’s Nobel Prize-winning novel of the same name, the film was produced using the painted animation technique, similar to Loving Vincent.




I worked as painter/animator & matte painter for this project.Here are some of my shots for The Peasants.


Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted feature film.It tells the story of the last years of Vincent van Gogh’s life.’Loving Vincent’ was a 2018 Academy Award nominee for ‘Best Animated Feature Film.




I worked as painter/animator for this project.Here is one of my shots for loving vincent.

These animations and illustrations depicting the motion of vocal cords when birds sing were created as part of audiovisual works for Grote Museum (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). The final work was presented as an interactive installation.


In this promotional concept trailer (for the future feature film ‘Blaze’) I was responsible for the character design & animation (Jan-Mar 2022).



EggAin is my animated short film to celeberate illusions & confusions.



Urban-screen project to promote the candidacy for Brabant as the cultural capital of Europe 2018.



Leader for the multinational design network VIVID.